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Our team of experienced business immigration attorneys assists entrepreneurs, investors and talented individuals successfully and easily make the transition to the United States! 

Immigration for Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Talented Individuals

There are several paths available for those who want to secure temporary or immigrant investor visas, employment-based visas or visas for talented people. Like you, they are are looking to transition to the United States. Whether you plan to work in the U.S. for a fixed period or have decided to pursue a green card, our experienced US business immigration attorneys at AmLaw Group can assess your eligibility and determine the best path to make your immigration dream a reality!

BUSINESS IMMIGRATION For Investors & Business Owners

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BUSINESS IMMIGRATION For Skilled Professionals

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BUSINESS IMMIGRATION For Talented Individuals

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Business Immigration Opportunities to the United States

business Immigration lawyer in the US

Don’t settle for anything less than the new life you envision for you and your family. Over the last 10 years, we’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, investors, and talented individuals from different countries and cultures acquire residency or get a green card in the United States. Our U.S. business immigration lawyers can provide the guidance you need to:

Start or expand your business ventures

Explore new opportunities in your career

Let your kids grow up in a better environment

Start a promising new chapter of your life for your family

At AmLaw Group, our philosophy is to focus on your endpoint and get you all the way to your ultimate goal. Unlike other immigration law firms, our job isn’t done until your new life — as you imagined it — is a reality. With a 98% approval rate, this philosophy has proven to be very effective.

Business Immigration Attorney in the US

Don’t risk having a single mistake prevent you from realizing your immigration goals. AmLaw Group provides quality legal assistance and representation to turn your immigration vision into reality! Our founding attorney Charles Raether is experienced with over 20 years in immigration law as well as corporate law, venture capital, and private capital.

With a 98% approval rate, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your immigration case is in good hands. Find out how our experienced business immigration lawyers in Hallandale Beach Florida can help your business and your family.

Business Immigration lawyer

For Investors & Businessmen

Immigrant Visa for Investors
EB-1C Visa for Executives
Visa for Treaty Investors
L-1 Visa for Executives

The L-1 visa is a temporary, non-immigrant visa for employment-based visas. This visa is reserved for company employees who have held an executive position or a specialized position for at least one year within the past three years at the overseas affiliate, parent or branch of the U.S. company.

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For Skilled Professionals

EB-2 & EB-3 Visa for Specialists and Academics

The EB-2 visa provides a green card for employees who have a masters degree or higher and have an offer of employment from a U.S. company, and members of professions holding advanced degrees.

The EB-3 visa is an employment-based petition for a green card for those seeking positions that require a baccalaureate degree, or for other unskilled workers without a higher education.

Your employer must also meet certain requirements. Talk to our business immigration lawyer for more information.

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H1-B Visa for Specialty Occupations

The H-1B visa is a temporary or non-immigrant “specialty occupation” US visa, which means the holder is employed in a position that requires specialized skills or knowledge and holds a baccalaureate degree.

If your job specialization falls under the US Department of Labor’s “professions” category, you’ll need to meet the requirements to qualify for a H-1B visa.

You must have a higher education degree (at least a bachelor’s degree), or long-term and relevant work experience in your specialty. You also need to show that there is work available in the US for your specialty. Talk to our experienced business immigration attorney to learn more about requirements you need to meet.

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National Interest Waiver

The National Interest Waiver is a powerful option for certain highly qualified people to get a green card in the United States through a self-petition.

With an approved National Interest Waiver, you can get a green card without having a job offer.

Click here to learn more about NIW and NIW green card or call our immigration office in Hallandale Beach, FL today.

US Work Visas For Talented Individuals

EB-1A Visa for Outstanding People

The EB-1A visa is a great option for people with extraordinary abilities in the arts, sciences, business, education, or athletics.

With an EB-1A visa, you can get your green card without a job offer from a US company.

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Visa for Distinguished People

The O-1 visa is a non-resident US visa for people who demonstrate extraordinary ability in their field, whether that be the arts, sport, business, education, or the sciences. The criteria are lower than that of the EB-1a visa.

The O-1 visa requires a job offer from a U.S. company. However, the applicant may own the U.S. company that is extending the job offer.

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The Secret Behind AmLaw Group’s Successful US Business Immigration

Our Business Immigration Philosophy

When it comes to immigration, most immigration law firms believe that their job is only to assist you in applying for a visa or green card. 

At AmLaw Group, we have a different philosophy. Rather than just focusing on the process, our experienced business immigration attorney focuses on achieving results as you envisioned them.

Our job isn’t done until you get your green card or visa, and your dream of living in the United Stated is a reality.

Our Strategic Approach

When you don’t have contingency plans in place, it’s easy to find yourself facing considerable delays or be stuck in the process, without your visa or green card. 

At AmLaw Group, our business immigration lawyers employ a strategic approach so you can have a smoother immigration process and achieve the outcome you want.

We take an individualized approach to preparing your petition, and anticipate every problem and issue that can arise for you so we can plan ahead.


I found Charles Raether and AmLaw online after I started to run into problems with my L-1 petition with another attorney. Mr. Raether quickly focused on the weaknesses of the petition the other lawyer had put together and made the necessary changes to save the petition and get the approval. Since then he handled my L-1 extension, advised us on a number of business matters as we developed the business in the U.S., and secured my green card quickly and efficiently without even an RFE (request for evidence). Everything went perfectly. Mr. Raether takes a very personalized approach with his clients; is open and transparent; and does what he says. I would strongly recommend him as an expert immigration attorney.


Having decided to move to the United States for family and other personal reasons, I initially chose a lawyer on the advice of unfamiliar people. This lawyer convinced me that everything would be resolved quickly and in the best way (they filed a petition for the EB-1 visa on the basis of “Individuals with Extraordinary Ability” as an artist and photographer). Subsequently, it turned out that the petition was prepared by my first lawyer with many gross errors and inaccuracies, many of the necessary documents were not requested from me and therefore were not attached. As a result, having received a huge request for additional documents from the immigration officer in one year, instead of the green card, I realized that I needed to immediately change my lawyer to save my immigration petition. I turned to AmLaw Group, and the result met all my expectations. The work was done almost from the beginning and in a very short time. I was aware of all the stages of work, which, of course, gives a feeling of calm. AmLaw Group attorneys work professionally, transparently and honestly, notifying all stages of the petition. It was a joint, “team” work, which took into account the most insignificant, but potentially important nuances. The level of professionalism of AmLaw Group lawyers does not raise my doubts and allows recommending this company for cooperation to all who have the issue of immigration to the U.S.. Two months after submitting the documents, I received a notification of approval of my petition to the green card. I sincerely thank AmLaw lawyers for their help and support!

Alexei Lebedinsky

After 1.5 years, it turned out that nothing really had been done on my I-526 petition. The first petition was very weakly drawn up by another lawyer. As a result, we received a very strict request from the Immigration, which made us start from scratch. If it were not for my appeal to the AmLaw Group, the chance of approval would have been lost. Charles’s team collected all the necessary and missing documents and relatively quickly after submitting a response to the request, we received the long-awaited approval.

Timofei Rogov

Amlaw Group is a team of professionals who helped our business with L1 visa application for one of our c-level managers. The case was pretty complicated and we had to file dozens of various documents in states and abroad, but Yuliya and Charles were always helpful and professional. Now we’ve received the approval and definitely recommend this business and their approach.

Roman Minin

Thanks to the competence and integrity of AmLaw Group employees, after a year and a half I received approval for obtaining an EB-5 investor visa. Many thanks personally to Charles Raether and Amlaw Group for the work done, for prompt assistance and support!

Oleg Ryabtsev

I had a complicated case, so it took much longer than an average Adjustment of Status case. Charles went above and beyond my expectations, patiently helping resolve unexpected complications until the matter was successfully resolved and I received my green card.

Alex Konanykhin

I contacted the AmLaw Group for assistance in obtaining an L-1 visa. Times are not easy now, and many are having difficulty issuing and renewing an L-1 visa, but the AmLaw Group has secured my case on the first try. The request for additional information on my case from the Immigration Service was complicated, but the wonderful AmLaw Group team was still able to resolve the situation and ensure a three-year visa! I recommend this team of professionals to everyone!

Viacheslav Runkevich

We worked with Charles, Yuliya and his team at AmLaw Group to get our EB-5 visa. We were able to get our approval faster than what we were expecting. Everything went smoothly and efficiently. Great professionals.

Flavio Guimaraes

The guys are professionals! Received documents in 6 months.

Oleg Venezia

With the help of a highly professional and trustworthy AmLaw Group, I have successfully gone all the way from obtaining an L-1 visa and an H1-B work visa to changing my status to EB-2 and approving my Green Card application. Charles and his team skillfully accompanied me at all stages of my immigration process after a very bad experience with another lawyer. Thanks to this, I have developed with Charles and Anastasia not only partnerships, but also just good human relationships. When my friends ask me about the immigration question, my only answer is the AmLaw Group.

Victor Kuznetsov

I originally met with Charles at his office in Miami where he advised me about the EB-5 Visa. Although I am not a lawyer and English is not my native language, he explained everything about the process in a very simple and easy terms so I could understand it. He also helped us to choose the right regional center and the project to invest in. He was so knowledgeable and honest with us, he supported us throughout our case, especially in providing valuable assistance with the unexpected challenges we faced at the US embassy after getting the EB-5 approval. I definitely recommend AmLaw Group for every one that needs their services.

Ayman El Sebaie

I want to thank the attorneys of AmLaw Group for helping me to receive E-2 visa for me and my family. They were professional, knowledgeable, and cared about my case. Opening a business and dealing with an immigration process might be very stressful at times, and the attorneys at AmLaw Group did everything to explain additional nuances and resolve difficult situations. I will keep in touch and recommend them to my friends.

Leonid S.

AmLaw Group helped me with an urgent application for an L-1 visa. I took my time thinking and weighing the opportunities and, finally, when I decided to file the documents, I had only 14 days left before my status in the US would expire.

The attorneys at AmLaw Group took on my case – and in just a week I got the approval of my L-1 visa—without even an RFE (request for evidence)! Thank you to the attorneys of AmLaw Group for their professionalism!

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Opening A Company in the US (Secrets for the Five Most Popular States) - Charles V. Raether, ESQ

Opening A Company in the US

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