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If you’re an executive or a manager of a foreign company, the EB-1c Executive Visa Program allows you to get a green card to transfer to the US and manage an existing affiliated company on a permanent basis. At AmLaw Group, our EB-1 visa attorneys will help you find the best way to turn those immigration dreams into a reality.

Our EB-1c immigration attorneys have a 98% approval rate for petitions filed, so you can rest assured knowing that your U.S. business immigration is in good hands. Schedule your consultation and get started with your EB-1c executive visa application today!

What You Should Know About the EB-1C Executive Visa

The Classic EB-1C Executive Visa Applicant

If you’re applying for an EB-1c visa, you need to have a fairly high level of income in their country, with enough funds to invest at least $300,000. The overwhelming majority of EB-1c visa applicants are also the owner of a business, whether small or medium. Most applicants are usually married, with minor children, and wants their children to be educated in the United States.

If this sounds like you, get in touch with our EB-1 Visa attorneys to check your eligibility and get started with your business immigration.

Benefits of the EB-1C Executive Visa

There are several advantages you can get when you obtain an EB-1c executive visa.

The EB-1c Visa Program is the fastest way to get a green card through acquisition of a business.

You won’t be required to provide documents proving the source of funds.

Your family (spouse and unmarried minor children under the age of 21) will also receive green cards.

In the event of a change in status in the United States, you’ll still receive a work and travel permit while the petition is pending.


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Business Requirements for EB-1C Visa

For the business in your country of residence, you should meet the following criteria:

By the time the petition is filed, the foreign company must have at least 10 employees or more.

The foreign company must be a proven, functioning, and financially sound business. Dormant enterprises, as well as companies with low annual turnover, are not suitable for this category.

The foreign company must exist and conduct commercial activities at least until the applicant receives a green card.

For the business in the United States, you should meet the following criteria:

A foreign company (or the main shareholder who is the majority owner of a foreign company) must acquire a company in the United States that has existed and has been active for at least 1 year.

The staff of the U.S. company must consist of approximately 8 employees or more with a two-tier management structure (chief executive, managers, employees).

The U.S. company should have a net annual income of about $60,000.

Not sure if you are quliafied for an EB-1c executive visa? We also help investors and business apply for EB-5 investor visas, E-2 investor Visa, or an L1 Executive Visa. Our experienced business immigration attorneys will check your eligibility and provide you with quality legal assistance throughout the application process.

Processing Times for EB-1C Visa Petitions

EB-1c petitions are processed within 8-9 months. After approval of the petition and obtaining a visa (or changing status, if the beneficiary is in the United States at the time of approval of the EB-1c petition), you receive a green card that is valid for 10 years. It will be possible to apply for US citizenship 5 years after the green card is issued. Talk to an experienced business immigration lawyer for more information regarding your visa petition.

How Much Should You Invest for an EB-1C Visa?

Of course, when it comes to acquiring an existing business, various options are possible. The cost of the acquired company for EB-1c level is influenced by the state where the company operates, the current market conditions, and a number of other factors. Nevertheless, on average, the cost of a business of this level will be approximately $500,000 or more.

Reducing the size of the required investment is possible in two cases:

Transition to an EB-1c visa from an L-1 visa.

In fact, if you do not have half a million dollars today, you can open a new company and get an L-1 visa for it, and then, within a year or more, develop this company to the level required for EB-1c, allowing you to file a new petition, this time for EB-1c.

Buying a franchise is becoming a hot trend in the American market. This option gives the applicant, on the one hand, the opportunity to secure a known and proven business concept: it is easier to maintain its level and calculate development under an existing brand. On the other hand, it is possible to significantly reduce the amount of required investments. Indeed, in this option, it is possible to acquire a controlling stake in the company (51%), when in fact you pay only half of the cost of the business, becoming a passive investor. The previous owner will continue to manage the company, and you will receive your share of the profits.

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Please note that there is an initial consultation fee of $300. Checking this box means you understand that all consultations are paid and that you still wish to proceed with scheduling a consultation with an immigration attorney.

Get an exclusive 1-on-1 consultation with an experienced attorney for only $300!

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