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Living and working in the United States is a great privilege for non-citizens, although many Americans take it for granted. Based in Miami, we serve employers, employees, individuals, and their families in Florida, throughout the United States, and worldwide, to deal with their immigration concerns.

Before proceeding, it is best to seek legal assistance from a hard-working and credible Florida immigration attorney. Choose a law office specializing in legal matters involving USCIS forms, port of entry and waivers, grounds of inadmissibility, frequent traveler program qualifications, or administrative processing issues.

If you or a loved one is facing any kind of immigration issue, then you will benefit from the diligence of a top-notch local attorney. Between our skill and extensive experience, we have the knowledge it takes to win any case that is brought to court. Call us at (305) 509-6400 or send us a message today!

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Whether it is for work, to avail of family-based immigration, or to secure better living situations and a brighter future, immigration needs are always unique. There are many reasons why someone would want to immigrate to the United States, but the immigration proceedings involved are seldom simple.

Our unique business immigration philosophy and strategic approach allow us to deliver results that few other immigration law firms can. Over the last 10 years, our business immigration lawyer<span> was able to get a 98% approval rate for our businessman, investor, and talented clients at AmLaw Group.

We think like a chess master — always three to four moves ahead. Our Miami, Florida immigration lawyer can anticipate every problem and issue that can arise for you, and we plan. Call us or send us a message today to know how we can help.


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Common Types of Non-Immigrant Work Visas Being Applied For

In the spirit of commerce, investment, and trade, business owners and investors can file an immigration petition to be able to do business or be employed in the United States. Most foreign nationals who wish to work, trade, or invest in the country may apply for a nonimmigrant visa.

Under relevant immigration policy, non-immigrant visas are generally not useful for immigrating, obtaining permanent residency, or applying for citizenship. Additionally, they are valid only for a limited period. However, they are suited for certain situations and certain individuals.

O1 Visa

Foreigners who have extraordinary abilities in business, athletics, education, the sciences, the motion picture or TV industry, or the arts may be able to obtain an O-1 nonimmigrant visa.

L-1 Visa

Executives and managers of a company with an office in the United States may apply for an L-1 Visa to transfer to or work in the country. Applicants, however, should have worked at the foreign office of the company for at least one year, within the three years before the application.

H-1B Visa

This visa type is ideal for temporary workers with a bachelor’s degree and a job offer in the United States, particularly those in a specialized profession. Through family-based immigration law, certain family members (spouse and children below 21) may submit an H-4 visa application together with an application for an H-1B. These dependents may generally reside with the H-1B visa holder.

When dealing with any of the different types of visas, it is best to consult with well-trained and knowledgeable immigration attorneys in Florida before taking any steps. Our team of experienced business immigration attorneys assists entrepreneurs, investors and talented individuals successfully and easily make the transition to the United States. Call us today!

Other Options When Applying for a Visa or Green Card

Whether you are trying to immigrate, apply for a green card, or prepare for a citizenship test, it is always best to have competent legal counsel. USCIS processing times are known to take some time and numerous supporting documents are required for almost any immigration petition.

In general, a foreign national with extraordinary abilities in business, science, or the arts may be able to immigrate and become a lawful permanent resident through the following:

Submitting a TN Visa Application

Certain foreign nationals may be exempt from the Labor Certification requirement, depending on their intended purpose. Under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Mexican or Canadian citizens may be able to acquire a TN visa from an airport or other port of entry.

Obtaining a green card through the NIW

The National Interest Waiver is meant for alien advanced degree professionals with exceptional ability in their fields of work and study. One may be able to apply for a green card and have the employment requirement waived.

Applying for a green card through EB-1A

The EB-1A (Extraordinary Ability) category applies to foreign nationals who can prove, through certificates and supporting documents, that they are professionally distinguished in their respective fields of work and study. Here, sponsorship from an employer and the accompanying employment or labor certification is not required for one to have permanent residence.

If you have any legal questions related to obtaining a green card or visa, it is best to seek legal advice from credible and hands-on immigration lawyers in Miami early on. Call us at (305) 509-6400 or send us a message today!

The Immigration Journey, from Visas to Naturalization

Citizenship is the highest immigration benefit conferred by the United States government. Being a citizen of the United States allows an individual to remain in the country indefinitely and grants several benefits, including voting, defending our country, and bringing family members to reside with him or her.

Obtaining citizenship through a naturalization application, however, can be quite complicated. It involves a very complicated legal process that begins with an immigrant visa application or a green card petition.

Most immigration attorneys are focused on the process. They believe their job is to simply help you with the process of applying for your visa or green card. At AmLaw Global, we focus on the process too, but that’s not our endpoint; that’s not our job. Our job is not done until you get your green card or visa, and achieve your dream of living in the United States.

The Need for a Law Office Specializing in Immigration Issues

Whether you are a businessman, entrepreneur, investor, skilled professional, or individual who is distinguished or has an extraordinary ability, our experienced immigration attorneys in Miami, Florida can help turn your immigration dream into a reality.

While certain US visas are well-suited to a certain purpose, no visa is universally applicable to every situation. Under immigration and employment laws, there are various types of visas appropriate for maintaining work authorizations and proceeding with foreign and domestic operations, mergers, acquisitions, corporate restructurings, and divestitures.

A business owner who wishes to utilize immigration policy to boost his or her business, for example, must carefully assess his or her legal options before proceeding. The same goes for an aspiring immigrant looking to come to work in the United States.

Aside from comprehensively discussing the options available for workers of a different nationality, immigration lawyers can also help with the preparation of necessary immigration forms and supporting documents.

If you wish to learn more about these, reach out to us by dialing (305) 509-6400 or sending us a message.

Legal Matters Involving Business Immigration

A law office specializing in business immigration can provide necessary legal assistance as you prepare various petitions and applications. Additionally, an immigrant or business owner in hot water would need a lawyer to attend to matters involving state and federal courts, the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the US Department of State (DOS) consular offices worldwide, the US Department of Labor (DOL), and the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA).

An experienced and hands-on immigration lawyer in Miami can also provide legal representation and advice for issues involving the US Department of Justice (DOJ), the Fraud Detection and National Security Division of the USCIS Office, and enforcement actions of Homeland Security Investigations.

At AmLaw Global, we aim to assist our clients to succeed in all concerns related to US immigration policy and we are completely devoted to it. Whenever you approach us, you will get personal attention regarding all your issues.

We deal with employment-based immigration cases to give ultimate ease to our clients. We are here to study your case thoroughly and provide you with a productive solution based on your present immigration status. Call us and let us hear your side.

Always Keeping Immigration Policies in Mind

Applying for a non-immigrant visa is much simpler than applying for a green card. However, this does not mean that it will be easy. Applying under any category, for instance, involves various immigration forms required by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS office). As such, it is highly recommended to seek legal advice from professionals.

When choosing a lawyer, it is important to keep the following in mind:

  • Not all immigration attorneys have the same level of persistence and determination
  • Not all immigration attorneys have the same level of expertise, experience, or ability
  • Not all immigration attorneys work with the same attention to detail
  • Not all immigration attorneys do the same quality of work

At AmLaw Global, we will take your immigration case very seriously. When we say that we will fight for you, we mean it. Whether you are dealing with a visa petition or a green card denial, we want to be the Florida immigration law office that you trust. We want you to know that in difficult times, we are here to help. Don’t give up. Now is the time to let us start helping you get a green card.

After a consultation with our legal team, you will walk away with a better understanding of your legal rights and options. Call us to know how we mean business.

Seeking Legal Advice from a Trusted Local Attorney

Immigration policies can be quite difficult to comprehend. Strategic solutions are necessary to make sure that you properly navigate the various components of admission to the United States. This would include consular matters, ports of entry, and status upon admission.

Very broadly, visa types under business immigration laws enable US employers to bring in foreign nationals to work in the country, particularly when there are no qualified American citizens who are willing to take the job. These are very distinct from the types of visas that are meant for those who wish to visit the United States for other non-employment purposes. Common examples of these would be a tourist visa or a student visa.

US immigration policy is known to be very strict, but with an extensive scope. The immigration process could involve an aspiring US citizen, a foreign national proceeding with a green card application, or an individual of a different nationality in need of an immigrant or non-immigrant visa. One should keep in mind, however, that regardless of the type, there are several immigration rules and regulations that a foreigner must comply with.

We believe every person has the right to defend themselves in immigration proceedings, we fight for those people who are facing tough situations. Contact us at (305) 509-6400 to know how we can assist you with these things. 

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The American immigration process can be daunting, especially for those who are unaware of its twists and turns. No two cases are the same. Some people can eventually succeed with a naturalization application, while the unfortunate ones could find themselves in removal proceedings. Preceding all these immigration issues, however, are applications for US visas.

If you have any legal questions related to both immigrant and non-immigrant visas, consular processing, and adjustment of status, conditional green cards, or removal of conditions, it is highly recommended to contact our diligent and hands-on immigration lawyers in Miami, Florida. Our immigration law firm can provide the legal services that you need. Call us at (305) 509-6400 and talk to our legal team at AmLaw Global today.


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