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Immigrating to the US by Opening a Mahana Fresh Business Franchise

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Foreign franchisee’s interest in the U.S. is up as of late, partly due to the immigration policies that provide opportunities for foreign investors to immigrate to the U.S. Some companies are capitalizing on this new interest by offering a franchise business model in the U.S., particularly for people such as foreign investors looking for stable investments to grow their money.

However, while profits are essential, many are also investing their time into other aspects of their business that create future visa opportunities. Many people are starting businesses to get a green card in the US.

A significant factor in the success of a franchise business model is finding a well-organized business structure with a clear process for foreign investors to follow. This will help you immigrate and start your own company quickly and easily with little or no risk of failure or confusion.

One of the businesses that you can choose is Mahana Fresh.

What is Mahana Fresh?


Mahana Fresh is a fast-casual restaurant that offers fresh and healthy menu options. The restaurant offers lower prices, higher food quality than competitors, and they also have a flexible menu that caters to changing food trends. Mahana Fresh’s franchisees enjoy financial incentives and valuable support that enables them to operate their business more efficiently.

Buying a franchise is one of the quickest ways foreign investors can move to the U.S. Mahana Fresh is a popular choice for franchising opportunities because of its concept. Mahana Fresh is all about quality. The idea of Mahana Fresh was to create an efficient design for the front of house and back of house operations so that business owners can passively manage the business while qualifying for a visa.

Let Mahana Fresh handle your real estate concerns.

Real Estate

For a business to grow, it must be located in a prime location. Mahana Fresh partnered with Morrow Hill to handle the site of your business franchise. Morrow Hill is a Dallas-based tenant rep company specializing in business franchises nationwide. They are national leaders in implementing data and technology to generate results for your business.

Morrow Hill conducts a high-level demographic analysis that determines the best possible location for your business. They will analyze the best market for your area, industry, and desired demographic. Their research is entirely data-driven, and they have extensive experience in this field.

Aside from helping numerous businesses find the best location for their franchise, Morrow Hill also helps franchisees with landlord negotiations. You no longer need to worry about preparing the Letter of Intent, Lease Terms, or finalizing the agreement with your landlord. Morrow Hill will do everything for you.

Manage your business construction with ease.

consulting and support

Mahana Fresh also provides consulting and support through the construction process of your franchise. Mahana Fresh provides pre-lease design, bidding, construction management, and post-construction services. They aim to make the building process more seamless by working closely with clients, architects, contractors, and other stakeholders.

Let Mahana Fresh help you oversee your business operations.

Training Process

Mahana fresh is a company focused on improving the training process for potential franchise owners. They offer overview training, opening training, and ongoing support to help their franchisees succeed.

The idea of Mahana Fresh was born out of realizing that there needs to be a better way to train new business owners. The goal is to offer the proper guidance and support at every step of the franchise ownership journey.

Get a comprehensive marketing plan for your business.

Strategy and Marketing Plan

Mahana Fresh can help you jumpstart your new franchisee restaurant with a customized marketing plan. We provide a consultation and strategy development to help you with a marketing plan that will give you the best ROI.

Franchisees need to take care of many aspects of running their business, and marketing is just one of them. Mahana fresh understands that you don’t have the resources to take care of every aspect of your business by yourself, so they are here to help you. What sets them apart is their depth and sophistication in the concept development process and their ability to maintain an up-to-date database on successful marketing strategies for restaurants.

Mahana Fresh’s customized marketing plan introduces your new restaurant to the community, generates buzz and media attention, and attracts new customers. They are committed not only to the success of your business but also to your success as an entrepreneur.

Mahana Fresh is here for you throughout the process of launching and growing your business: from brainstorming an idea and securing funding through designing and planning a successful grand opening and beyond. Whether you need help getting started, want guidance on how to tackle your next big decision, or need some help with marketing and branding, Mahana Fresh has got you covered.



The total investment necessary to begin operation of a Mahana Fresh Restaurant is $213,400 to$721,200. This includes $79,500 to $102,000 (Initial Franchise Fee plus Grand Opening Marketing and Onsite Training plus Initiation Fees and Management Fees that may be required under an optional Restaurant Management Agreement) that must be paid Mahana Fresh or their affiliates.

Franchisor also offers qualified parties the right to open and operate multiple restaurants following a development schedule the parties agree to under Franchisor’s form of development agreement. The total investment necessary to begin operations under a development agreement will depend on the number of restaurants we grant you the right to open.

By way of example, the total investment necessary to begin operations under a development agreement for the right to open and operate three (3) Restaurants ranges from $288,900 to $796,700. This includes $155,000 to $177,500 (3-Unit Area Development Fee plus Grand Opening Marketing and Onsite Training plus Initiation Fees and Management Fees that may be required under an optional Restaurant Management Agreement) that must be paid to usor our affiliates.

What Types of Visa Can I Apply for as a Foreign Investor?

There are three main types of investor and business visas relevant to franchising. Each has its specifics and legal requirements, so it’s essential to be aware of these before venturing into a franchising business in the U.S.

E-2 Visas: Traders and Treaty Investors

The E-2 visa is a treaty investor visa that allows you to come to the US and manage an enterprise that will have a significant economic effect on US trade and industry. The E-2 Treaty Trader visa is one of the most popular choices for those who want to make a substantial investment in the country’s economy.

A foreign investor must meet the following criteria to be eligible for an E-2 visa:

  • You must be a national of a treaty country.
  • Your investment must be of significant value. It must be substantial enough to ensure the success of the business.
  • You must invest in a real and fully-operation enterprise.
  • You must come to the U.S. to manage the enterprise.

L-1 Executive Visas

The L-1 visa is more widely open to people from all nationalities than the E-2. However, other additional requirements make it a little bit harder to qualify for than the E-2.

Denial rates are historically higher for L-1s than they are for E2s, so that can discourage investors. As an investor, you have to show that you have worked as an executive in a large company in your home country. The company must have at least six employees, and at least 2 of them should be qualified managers who can manage the company.

The L-1 Visa allows for a more straightforward foreign entity conversion to a green card holder. There is no minimum investment required to attain the visa. However, due to the larger workforce needed, the initial investment required generally exceeds the E-2. This may be $200,000 – $300,000 right off the bat.

The spouse and up to two children of an L-1 visa holder can also apply for a visa and enter the U.S. with them.

EB-5 Investor Green Cards

An investment in the United States can help you and your family obtain a green card. This includes your spouse and any unmarried children below the age of 21. There are no age restrictions for investors!

The EB-5 Investor Visa requires the creation of 10 new jobs in addition to minimal investment. The minimal investment amount varies depending on where the business is located.

Foreign investors should invest a minimum of $1,000,000. Businesses with higher unemployment rates located in TEA’s (Targeted Employment Areas) may be eligible for a reduced investment. The minimum investment is currently $500,000.

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Owning a Mahana Fresh Business Franchise

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