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Dreaming of living in the US? As an executive or manager of a foreign business, an L-1 visa allows you transfer to the United States to manage an affiliate on a temporary basis. Our experienced immigration attorneys in Miami can provide legal assistance in your L-1 executive visa application and turn your immigration vision to reality!

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What You Should Know About L-1 Executive Visa

The Classic L-1 Executive Visa Applicant

The typical L-1 executive visa applicant is usually a person with a fairly high level of income in their country, with at least $80,000 funds available for investment. Most L-1 visa applicants are small business owners who are usually married, with minor children, and/ or wants their children to be educated in the US.

If you wish to actively engage in business in the United States, and plan continues to conduct commercial activities in your country after moving, an L-1 visa may be the immigration solution you’re looking for. Call us t AmLaw Group to check your eligibility and find out if an L-1 executive visa is for you.


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Business Requirements for L-1 Executive Visa

For the business in your country of residence, you should meet the following criteria.

You must have held a management position in a foreign company for at least one year in the past three years.

By the time the petition is filed, the foreign company must have at least 10 employees.

The foreign company must be a proven, functioning, and financially sound business. “Sleeping” enterprises, as well as companies with low annual turnover or a small number of employees, are not suitable for this category.

The foreign company must exist and operate for the entire duration of the L-1 visa.

For the business in the United States, you should meet the following criteria.

Register a new or acquire an existing company in a selected state, which must be affiliated with a foreign company through an individual or legal entity.

Invest in this company about $80,000.

Rent an office for conducting the core business of the company (the office must meet a number of requirements).

Provide a 5-year business plan showing both the ability of the American company to generate profits and the ability to create jobs.

L-1 Executive Visa Processing Times & Extension

L-1 Executive Visa applications are processed within 4 to 6 months for standard processing, and 15 to 30 days for expedited petition review.

Initially, the L-1 visa is issued for a period of one year in case of opening a new company in the United States. If an operating business is acquired that has existed for more than one year, then the visa is initially issued for 3 years. To extend your visa, you must meet the following conditions:

Create at least six jobs by the end of the first year of employment in an American company, and two of the hired employees must be in management positions.

Provide proof of the American company’s active commercial activity and show that it’s able to generate profit.

If these conditions have been met, the visa is extended for another 2 years, for up to three extensions in total. The maximum, subject to all extensions, on an L-1 visa, you can stay in the United States for 7 years. Talk to our experienced business immigration attorneys in Miami for more information.

Do L-1 Visas Qualify for A Green Card?

If you’re wondering whether an L-1 visa qualifies for a US green card, the answer is NO!

The L-1 is a temporary (nonimmigrant) executive visa, which is essentially a work visa for a company executive. The misconception that the L-1 category allows a foreign national to obtain a permanent residence permit in the United States is due to two factors.

Factors Behind the Misconception

First, not everyone understands that US visas can be conditionally divided into two types. Nonimmigrant visas or residence permits give the right to temporarily stay in the country, while and immigrant visas grant the right to obtain a green card or permanent residence.

Second, applicants often simply confuse the L-1 and EB-1c categories, because they are similar in many ways. To distinguish one visa from another, you need understand that while the L-1 category is applicable to management personnel and specialized personnel, the EB-1c immigration category can only be used by management personnel.

Filing EB-1c vs L-1 Visa Petitions

A petition for the L-1 category can be submitted when an employee is transferred to a new, newly formed company in the United States (operating in the United States for less than one year). However, a petition for the immigration category EB-1c can only be submitted if the company has been active in the United States for at least one year and has at least 10 employees.

If you’re not sure whether an L-1 executive or an EB-1C is for you, talk to our business immigration lawyers in Miami at AmLaw Group to find out the best immigration path for you.

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