Buying an Existing Business in the U.S.

Purchasing an Existing Business in the U.S.

Buying a ready-made business in the U.S. is not only a great way to invest and increase your own funds, but also the opportunity to get an immigrant visa, as well as a United States green card for yourself and your family. The purchase of a ready-made business, subject to its compliance with the requirements of the immigration office, allows you to apply for L-1 visa or E-2 nonimmigrant visas, as well as to get EB immigrant visas.

Get Help From Miami Immigration Attorneys

AmLaw Group will help you with the search and selection of a ready-made business in the United States based on your wishes and requirements.

Our Miami immigration attorneys will select the appropriate immigration visa program for the acquired business.

We will provide full legal support for businesses at all stages of work, starting with the purchase of a business and audit of the company and ending with obtaining approval for a visa petition and subsequent legal and accounting support of the company’s activities.

Doing business in the United States attracts businessmen from all over the world through loyal legislation, transparent taxation system, favorable business climate, and ample opportunities for development. However, it is worth remembering that the purchase of a ready-made business in the United States and its further prosperity may be jeopardized by mismanagement, poor knowledge of US laws, or deception on the part of a broker or previous owner.

That’s why for those who want to buy a business in the United States, our AmLaw Group immigration attorneys in Miami provide a wide range of business services, helping not only to select and arrange the purchase of a ready-made business, but also to check the business for compliance with visa requirements, as well as to submit a petition for an immigrant visa for you and your families.

Why You Should Purchase A Business in the US

Buying a business in the United States is a way to permanently gain a foothold in a country with one of the most powerful economies in the world. This method is one of the most reliable for those who are thinking about business immigration, since buying a company in the United States is a less expensive and less risky process than starting a business from scratch in a country with a highly competitive environment.

For Russian citizens, there are several immigration programs that support entrepreneurs investing or buying existing American companies, these are L-1, EB-5,  EB1C, and E-2 (only for countries that are parties to the treaty with the United States).

Given the political and economic situation in Russia, many wealthy Russians are considering buying a business in the United States, as they want to secure and increase their capital, and ensure a happy future for themselves and their families. In this case, the support of entrepreneurship from the United States government, a developed domestic market, and, of course, the laws on confidentiality of information in force in the country play an important role. To date, this is the most stringent legislation protecting the personal data of its residents. Anyone who is considering buying a business in the United States should remember that the choice of a company depends on many factors.

Choosing a Ready-Made Business in the US

Choose where the company will operate.

The first step in preparing to buy a business in the United States is usually choosing the area in which the company will operate. You can choose a business that you are already familiar with in your home country. For example, if you are engaged in construction, then a real estate development business may be suitable for you, and for someone who is already familiar with the restaurant business, buying a cafe or diner may be suitable. It is best to choose a business that will be in demand among the residents of your state or the entire country.

Choose which state to register your business in.

The next step in buying a business in the United States is choosing the state in which it will be registered. Your future taxation depends on this, as tax laws differ from state to state. We recommend purchasing a business in the state in which you plan to live – in this case, the process of business management and immigration will be easier. At the same time, do not forget that even if you have achieved success in entrepreneurship in your home country, you will still need to learn how to do business in the United States. After all, the market itself, as well as the standards and rules for each country, are different.

Look for suitable offers in the US market.

Having a clear idea of ​​where, what kind, and the value of the business you want to acquire, you need to start looking for suitable offers. The US market offers many business options for sale from various brokers. Most of them seek to sell the offer they have as soon as possible and at a higher price, without paying sufficient attention to the quality and reliability of the business. After all, the company being sold may turn out to be unprofitable, or have any debts, tax problems, or others that prompted the previous owner to put his business up for auction. The purchase of such a company can bring losses to the new owner, as well as negatively affect the receipt of an immigrant visa and a green card. That is why we recommend that all persons interested in buying a business in the U.S. seek professional help from specialists.

Make sure that your business complies with immigration requirements.

Next, you need to conduct a full analysis of the company for its reliability and compliance with immigration requirements. These include turnover, actual profit, staff, as well as projected profit and return on investment. At this stage, you will also need the advice of an immigration attorney to check the business for visa compliance. Professional assistance at this stage can save you from ruin and loss of investment, as well as significantly increase your chances of obtaining an immigrant visa and a US Green Card.

Get Legal Help in Buying a Ready-Made Business!

Our Miami immigration lawyers have been working in business immigration for over 15 years. We partner with trusted brokers, listed for sale owners, and Regional Centers. Our company will help you fully prepare for immigration to the United States. Immigration attorneys will advise you on all matters of immigration law and doing business in the United States, provide a choice of the best options for companies to buy and invest in, and prepare and submit an immigration petition for you and your family members.

We work with Regional Centers throughout the United States and have updated information on companies for sale. Each of them is checked by our specialists for all safety parameters – tax history, ownership history, economic condition, competitiveness, and many others. We will help you assess the potential of your business, draw up and submit the package of documents necessary for obtaining an immigrant visa, as well as help with further taxation at your new enterprise.

The specialists of AmLaw Group provide their clients with full legal support at all stages of cooperation, starting with the selection of a visa program and business, tax planning and accounting, and ending with obtaining a Green Card and subsequent obtaining US citizenship. Working with us, you get a professional navigator in the field of investment and business immigration, which will not let you get lost in the intricacies of a new life and doing business in the United States.

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AmLaw Group is a team of highly qualified lawyers with deep knowledge of economic and political realities not only in the United States, but also in Russia and the CIS countries.

We will competently guide you through all stages of immigration to the United States and provide legal and practical assistance in resolving immigration issues. Consult our business immigration lawyer today!

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