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... I always recommend Charles to my friends, because he understands… how to present a business from Russia, how to show it to the American authorities so that they understand that this business really works…

- IvanAmLaw Group client

Our Business Immigration Team

Business Immigration lawyer

Charles Raether

Founder, Managing Partner and U.S. Immigration Lawyer at the AmLaw Group

Charles Raether, Juris Doctor, Member of the Virginia and New York State Bars, has been a practicing attorney for over 20 years with extensive experience in immigration, business law, and government work. He received his B.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and his J.D. from Georgetown University. He also studied at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Reading University, and Harvard College.

His professional biography includes extensive work in commercial real estate and finance in the CIS markets (Russian, Kazakhstan, and the surrounding region) for international companies as well as nearly 20 years of private practice in the United States, primarily in Washington, D.C., and Florida markets. Mr. Raether’s immigration practice has focused on working with entrepreneurs, investors, and talented artists and professionals seeking to develop their businesses and futures in the United States.

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What Makes Us Different


We provide full support to business representatives at every stage of the immigration process: from choosing a path for moving to serving a new company and integrating the client’s family in the United States.


Our company has been in the immigration services market since 2009. This is extremely important when it comes to Procedural Law, where there are no clear laws and regulations, where the experience of a lawyer is of paramount importance. We have years of successful experience in working in US immigration. We know what they need and how to prepare a competent petition, while taking their unspoken demands into account.


AmLaw Group is an American law firm with headquarters in the United States. When you work with us, you work with American lawyers directly and do not pay for intermediaries.


Charles von Raether has been a practicing attorney in the United States for 20 years, 10 of which has been running his own practice. As an American of German descent, he speaks excellent Russian, having lived and worked in the CIS countries for many years. His knowledge of two systems, American and Russian, deep understanding of the mentality of Russian- speaking clients, impeccable knowledge of immigration law and his own experience of doing business in the United States, makes him an unsurpassed leader and specialist in his field.


We understand that every situation is unique. We take into account the enormous difference between the American and post-Soviet systems, especially in the light of the organization and conduct of business. We thoroughly analyze each case and effectively apply non-standard solutions in order to minimize possible risks of refusal from the Immigration Service. 98% of our submitted immigration petitions have been approved by USCIS.


In addition to legal services, we provide services for finding a business for acquisition, registration of accounts and companies, accounting support, tax consulting, as well as a range of concierge services for the simple and successful integration of our clients in the United States.

How We Work

1. Meeting With Us

During the initial consultation, we find out the client’s capabilities, and what their short-term and long term plans are.

2. Choosing a Path

Once we understand your situation and wishes, we determine the optimal program for the client to apply for.

3. Creating a Strategy

Guided by many years of experience working in immigration services, we develop an individual strategy for the client in order to minimize possible risks.

4. Following the Plan

We follow the stages of the chosen strategy, strictly observing the time frame and US immigration laws. If the USCIS requests for additional information, we determine the compliance of the request with US legislation, and, if necessary, prepare a competently structured response with the attachment of all the required documentation. Throughout the entire stage, we are in constant close contact with the client.

5. Decision

Once the necessary paperwork is filed, we wait for a decision on the petition. At AmLaw Group, 98 percent of all immigration petitions we file get approved by USCIS.

6. Interview

We prepare the documents required for an interview at the embassy or consulate, and advise the client on possible upcoming issues. If necessary, we negotiate with the consulate, the national visa center and the US Citizenship and Immigration Service.

7. Further Assistance

We provide any necessary assistance to the client to renew or change the status, and obtain or renew their green card.

Business Immigration lawyer

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Please note that there is an initial consultation fee of $300. Checking this box means you understand that all consultations are paid and that you still wish to proceed with scheduling a consultation with an immigration attorney.

Get an exclusive 1-on-1 consultation with an experienced attorney for only $300!

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