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Grenadian passports offer a unique opportunity for investors interested in buying or opening a business under the E-2 program but don’t have a qualifying passport. Acquiring a Grenadian passport takes approximately 6-8 months. After receiving the Grenadian passport, an investor can then apply for an E-2 visa. There are of course other countries that have relatively amenable citizenship by investment programs that qualify for the E-2 visa (such as Turkey, Montenegro, and others), but the Grenadian program is one of the oldest and most established. AmLaw can provide turn-key solutions from acquiring a Grenadian passport to helping select the appropriate business in the U.S. for the E-2 visa. Visit us at our law office.

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E-2 Visa Through Grenadian Citizenship

Have you dreamed of living the U.S. life but never pursued those dreams because you thought you are not qualified? There are various misconceptions that often push qualified individuals to forego their applications — or make grave mistakes that threaten their petition.

This overview was prepared by the Miami immigration lawyer Charles Raether, founder and managing partner of the AmLaw Group. Download this whitepaper to reveal how you can obtain an E-2 visa through Grenadian citizenship!

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What Requirements Must I Fulfill in Order to Apply for an E-2 Visa?

Applicants must meet a slew of criteria before being granted E-2 visas. To begin, the person must be a national of a country with whom the US has a commerce or navigation pact. The United States Department of State maintains a comprehensive list of treaty-eligible countries.

If the person is a national of a qualified country, he or she must make a significant and “at risk” investment. While the word “substantial” is not quantifiable in monetary terms, the investment must be adequate to ensure the business’s success. A significant investment is not a minor one. Additionally, the “at risk” criterion requires that the significant investment be susceptible to gain or loss. Loans secured by the investment enterprise’s assets are not permissible under the E-2 visa.

The investor must be planning to relocate to the United States in order to build and run the business. If the candidate is not the primary investor, he or she must have a managerial, executive, or highly specialized skill-related position. Normal skilled and unskilled employees are ineligible.

What Nationality Must an Investor Have in the United States to Apply for an E-2 Business Investor Visa?

It is necessary that the Investor or Entrepreneur be a citizen of a country with whom the United States has a Treaty of Commerce and Navigation in place. There are about 80 nations with whom the United States has an E-2 Treaty at the present time. As a result of reciprocity, the list of E2 nations changes from time to time, with certain countries being added to the list and others being removed from the list. Furthermore, the conditions of the E2 Visa for each nation are constantly changing, and the E2 Visa Lawyers are able to offer the most up-to-date information. 

For investors and entrepreneurs who are citizens of more than one E2 country, they can choose which citizenship to use for immigration purposes. Our best E2 visa lawyer advises that they choose the country of citizenship that offers the most favorable E2 visa terms and the most prospective E2 employees. When assessing the citizenship of an E2 company, the ownership stake of business partners who are green card holders or citizens of the United States is not taken into account.

Visa Requirements for E2

The E2 investor must be a treaty country citizen.

The investment must be considerable.

The firm must be a legitimate functioning business.

The investment may not be inconsequential.

The investment must be exposed to genuine financial risk.

The investor must plan to manage to supervise the business in the United States.

The investor’s source of money must be established.

The E-2 classification has a number of advantages.

The E2 visa holder is lawfully permitted to work and live in the United States.

Holders who meet the criteria above may apply for a change of status inside the United States or via consular procedures.

Numerous accords permit applicants to request extensions indefinitely provided certain criteria are met. Please keep in mind that categorization durations vary by nation and relevant treaty.

The E-2 primary’s spouse is qualified for work permission. The beneficiary’s unmarried children under the age of 21 may accompany him or her. They are not, however, eligible for work permission.

Under certain circumstances, the E-2 holder may be eligible for permanent residence (green card) through an EB1 visa petition if the company in the United States is owned by a foreign entity and the beneficiary worked in an executive or managerial capacity abroad prior to admission to the United States.

Eligible for expedited adjudication via premium processing (change of status applications only).

Minimum Requirement for an E-2 visa

Investors, Company Owners, and Entrepreneurs must have invested or are currently investing a significant amount of money in a business in the United States. An experienced E-2 Visa attorney will tell you that there is no minimum amount of capital required to start a new business. Rather, a substantial amount is a subjective threshold that varies according to the nature of the business, the total investment compared to the total cost of purchasing an established business in the specific sector or establishing a new one, and the financial commitment required to ensure the business’s success. 

As such, the investment amount for capital-intensive companies may be in the hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars, while the investment amount for capital-light enterprises can be around $100,000 or less. 

However, the investment must be substantial enough to guarantee that the investor develops and directs the company effectively. If, on the other hand, the investor acquired an existing company, an expert E-2 visa lawyer in the U.S. will inform you that the cost is typically the purchase price, which is often regarded to be the fair market value.

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Our law firm, The Amlaw Group, have experienced immigration lawyers who can help you with immigration and customs issues. Immigration laws can be very tricky, so you will need immigration services with extensive experience. Our immigration lawyers are pleased to assist businesses in Florida with business-focused citizenship and immigration services. Our immigration attorneys take a strategic approach to the law and recognize how critical the bottom line is to our business clients. As a consequence, we are always vigilant for possible roadblocks and impediments and try to resolve them before they result in a delay or rejection.

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