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Are you planning on moving to Portugal? Portugal’s Golden Visa program is one of the best residence by investment programs not just in Europe but in the rest of the world.  If you make the right choices, you can live the rest of your life stress-free, travelling the world and enjoying the sun.

But before making any decisions, it is advisable to acquire legal counsel from a dedicated and qualified Portugal Golden Visa attorney. 


A Portugal Golden Visa Program is one of the greatest options for overseas investors or third-country citizens seeking a residence visa via investing operations in Portugal.

Holders of a residence permit already can live in Portugal and travel freely throughout the Schengen zone of 26 countries.

The program’s key advantages are the multiple investment options, the quick processing, and the low residence requirement.

As a result, Golden Visa is Europe’s fastest-growing investment immigration program.


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According to the Act, third-country citizens are given residence permits if they plan to conduct, either alone or via a business, any activity that typically leads to the clarification of at least one of the following conditions in the national territory:

  1. A capital transfer of one million euros or more.
  2. The creation of at least 10 fresh jobs.
  3. The acquisition of real estate property worth at least 500,000 Euros.

The law was updated and changed beginning in July 2015 by Act 63/2015. Investors may now conduct their operations in the following ways:

  • Transfer capital of at least 350,000 Euros to invest in research activities.
  • Capital transfer of at least 250,000 Euros for the purpose of investing in creative production or supporting the arts, or for the rebuilding or renovation of national heritage.
  • Capital transfer of at least 350,000 Euros to purchase shares in investment funds or venture capital.
  • Purchase of real estate property for refurbishment with a construction date of more than 30 years or situated in urban regeneration regions for a total value of 350,000 Euros or more.
  • Located in urban regeneration zones, where the value of this investment might be lowered by 20% to 280,000 Euros if done in sparsely inhabited areas (less than 100 inhabitants per sq.km., or where the GDP per head is below 75 per cent of the national average.)

The ARI – Portugal Golden Visa Program is not open to Portuguese or EU citizens.

Beneficiaries of the ARI: Portugal Golden Visa can seek citizenship after five years if all prerequisites are met.

Which Factors Drive the Popularity of the Portuguese Golden Visa?

You Do Not Have To Live In Portugal To Get A Permanent Residency With A Golden Visa!

The Portuguese Golden Visa program is special because it has a lower minimum stay requirement. What does it mean to you? You don’t have to remain in Portugal throughout your golden visa residence if it doesn’t suit you! 

The first-year residency permit requires a 7-day stay, while the second and third years need a 14-day stay. These criteria make obtaining a Golden Visa and obtaining Portuguese residence and citizenship quite possible.

You Can Visit 26 Beautiful Schengen Countries Without A Visa!

Clearly, one of the best attributes of the Portugal golden visa is the freedom of movement inside the Schengen zone. The area contains 26 nations, allowing for several holiday and travel possibilities without a particular visa. You may go to any Schengen nations, including France, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Sweden.

Get Golden Visas for Portugal with No Extra Cost!

Your family might also profit from having a golden visa for Portugal. Family members may also apply for Portuguese residence and ultimate citizenship if they make the requisite investments.

The Investment Requirements For A Golden Visa Were Renewed And Reduced In 2015!

Previously, the minimum eligible real estate investment was €500,000; however, the current legislation allows for investments as little as €350,000.

Properties in Portugal and the real estate market are doing well.

Portugal’s real estate industry is rising. Since 2014, the real estate business has been expanding throughout the nation. Lisbon has transformed itself into one of the hippest European towns to live in, a significant change from its previously dilapidated core.


  • Invest at least EUR 500,000 in a Portuguese Investment Fund or Venture Capital Fund.
  • At least five years of maturity
  • A minimum of 60% of all investments are made in commercial businesses located in Portugal.
  • Purchase a home worth at least EUR 350,000 or EUR 280,000.

* The property must be at least thirty (30) years old or in urban renewal regions. To be rebuilt or renovated.

  • Residential property is restricted to certain interior locations.
  • Purchase a home worth at least EUR 500,000 or EUR 400,000. *
  • Residential property is restricted to specific interior regions 

* Located in a low-density area


  • You must be above 18 and a non-EU/EEA citizen.
  • Make a qualified investment in Portugal using cash from outside the country.
  • Hold the investment for at least five (5) years.
  • You owe no money to the Portuguese government.
  • You must have a clean criminal background.
  • You must have private health insurance
  • You have not entered or remained in Portugal unlawfully
  • You must have a bank account in Portugal and a tax identification number.
  • You must fulfil Portugal’s residence requirements of seven days per year on average


  • Gaining access to the European Union (EU)
  • Residency in Portugal
  • High quality of life
  • Bring your family along
  • Residents have equal rights

There are additional benefits to applying for Portuguese citizenship/EU citizenship:

  • Powerful passport; visa-free travel to over 170 countries;
  • Internal free movement inside the EU;
  • You may live, study, and work anywhere in the EU.
  • The most effective health-care system;
  • The highest level of food safety in the world;
  • Most nations provide free education.
  • Non-discrimination;
  • The right of suffrage and running for office in the EU parliament and municipal elections.

Is Portugal’s golden visa program available to people of all nationalities?

All non-EU citizens are eligible for the Golden Visa program in Portugal. Following Brexit, this now encompasses British people. Non-EU nationals are not barred from applying; nevertheless, owing to the EU’s banking compliance procedures, some cultures, such as Iranian citizens, may find it difficult to obtain a Portuguese bank account. This isn’t to say it can’t happen. If you have any concerns, please contact AmLaw Group attorneys for assistance.

What if my Golden Visa application is denied?

In principle, an application would be refused only if the applicant has a criminal background, has lied on the application, or has not met the minimum investment criteria. It is a document-driven procedure and the Portugal Golden visa attorney  will collaborate with you to prepare your file to guarantee your application is granted. 

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