The Portugal Golden Residence Permit Program: What Are The Benefits?

Application to the Portugal Golden Residence Permit Program

Portugal’s Golden Visa program is one of the most popular investment opportunities for non-EU foreigners who intend to apply for Portuguese residency and EU membership, although it will change in January 2022. 

The program is not coming to an end, and there are still some outstanding investment options lawfully available that will qualify you for a Portuguese Golden Visa in the future. With offices and employees in London and Lisbon, we are well-positioned to assist and advise customers regarding Golden Visa opportunities and travel to Portugal and will personally accompany you through the application process from start to finish. 

Whether you are interested in purchasing residential or commercial real estate, or even a fund, we will offer you some extremely attractive possibilities

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Overview of the Portugal Golden Residence Permit Program

The Portugal Golden Visa Program is one of the most advantageous options for foreign investors or third-country nationals seeking to get a residence permit in Portugal through investment operations carried out within the country’s borders.

Holders of a residence permit already have the ability to reside in Portugal and to travel freely throughout the 26 member countries of the Schengen zone.

The key advantages of having permanent residence status are the numerous investment options they are entitled to, the speed with which applications are processed, and the low requirement for residency.

As a result, the Golden Visa program has become the fastest-growing investment immigration program in Europe.

How to Apply for a Golden Visa in 2022

There are three ways to apply for a Golden Visa.

1.Investing in commercial real estate

For example, persons who purchase residential property in high-density coastal areas will no longer be eligible to apply for a visa, which was previously available to them. In previous years they may apply for a Golden visa. 

However, commercial assets such as supermarkets, offices, and logistical facilities located in densely populated areas have remained unaffected by the floodwaters. This implies that you can still apply for a Golden Visa if you make an investment of €500,000 or more in Lisbon’s strong commercial real estate market, albeit the process will take longer.

Aside from the Golden Visa program, there are a variety of other compelling reasons to invest in Portuguese commercial real estate, including its stability, consistent returns, and capacity to hedge against rising inflation rates.

2. Investments made through funds

When it comes to obtaining a Golden Visa in Portugal, real estate acquisition is the most common method to register, with only 7 visas given in 2019 through financial investment. However, this is beginning to change. Over the past two years, the option of investing in mutual funds has become increasingly popular.

Compared to residential property investment, the minimum amount of investment required has increased to €500,000 (from €350,000 previously), but unlike residential property investment, it does not matter whether the fund that clients choose invests in residential properties in major cities such as Lisbon or Porto. 

For individuals wanting a hassle-free investment, investing through a fund offers a number of advantages over traditional real estate purchase methods, including lower acquisition costs and a lack of involvement on the part of the investor.

3. Investing in areas other than Lisbon

If you have ever dreamed of applying for a Golden Visa and having a beautiful Portugal address for holidays or even permanent residence, do not give up hope. 

Residential properties in Portugal will still be available in 2022, despite the current economic climate. While residential properties in Lisbon are no longer eligible for a Golden Visa, properties in the interior or low-density regions such as Comporta, Melides, and the Azores are still eligible for the program. 

These are all wonderful destinations in their own right, with a diverse range of cultural and recreational opportunities. Accordingly, the lawful minimum amount of investment in most places has been raised to €500,000 (the same investment value as the fund) as of 2022.

What are the benefits of the Portugal golden residence permit program?

Here is why foreign nationals should get an application form now and apply for a Golden visa. Processing time would depend on how long the applicant can submit all requirements.

Those who were successful in obtaining this visa said it is like winning the lottery.

1. You Can Travel Visa-Free To 26 Stunning Schengen Countries

One of the primary benefits of the Portugal golden visa is the ability to travel freely throughout the Schengen area after you become a resident. The region’s 26 countries provide numerous vacation and travel opportunities without the trouble of obtaining a specific visa. Travel whenever you want to France, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, or Sweden, or to any of the other Schengen nations.

2. A foreigner’s family can also apply for golden visas to Portugal at no additional investment required

As a holder of a golden visa for Portugal, your family members can also avail of these perks. Once you have made the required investments, your spouse, children, and dependents may also apply for Portuguese residency and eventual citizenship.

3. The real estate market in Portugal is performing very well

Portugal’s property market is rising. Since 2014, the real estate business has been expanding across the country.

Lisbon has developed into one of Europe’s hippest towns to live in, a significant improvement over the city’s once dilapidated core.

4. You are not required to live in Portugal in order to obtain permanent residency status with your Golden Visa for Portugal

The Portuguese Golden Visa program is unique in that it has lowered the required minimum length of stay from 90 days to 60 days. What does this mean for you and your situation? 

Well, if staying in Portugal during your golden visa residency status does not meet your requirements, you are under no need to do so. There is a 7-day minimum stay requirement for your first-year residence permit, and a 14-day minimum stay requirement for the next two-year phases. 

Because of these qualifications, obtaining Portuguese residency through the Golden Visa program is quite feasible, and it is also very possible that one will obtain Portuguese citizenship  and a right of residence as well.


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