Business Immigration in Florida

What is Business Immigration?

Business immigration is when the U.S. Immigration law allows able-bodied people with the skills and talents to match the demands in the state of Florida to be admitted to work either temporarily or permanently. Business Immigration visas can be separated into two groups: the non-immigrant or temporary business visa and the immigrant or permanent business visa.

Who needs non-immigrant business visas?

business immigrationThere are more than 30 types of nonimmigrant visas depending on the purpose of your stay. For instance, if you are an athlete competing professionally for sports, a business traveller visiting your headquarters in the U.S, a delegate of a convention for teachers, or perhaps, an exchange student finishing your post-graduate degree, you will need a non-immigrant visa or temporary visa which may be classified as follows:

  • B-1/B-2 Tourist/ Visitor Visa – these are available to every foreign national purpose travelling to the U.S. for business or leisure. B-1 visitor visa holders only stay for a short amount of time and they must not seek employment locally.
  • E-1/E-2 Treaty and Investor Visa– these are visas available to qualified foreign-born traders, investors, and employees whose country has a commercial treaty with the United States.
  • F-1 and M-1 Student Visa– for non-U.S citizens who want to study in the U. S., they may be granted visas depending on their field of study. F-1 student visas are granted to students that study academic and language training programs. M-1 student visas are for those who pursue non-academic or vocational studies.
  • H-1B Specialty Occupation Visa – are available for professional workers with a bachelor’s degree or higher (or equivalent work experience). for as long as their employers can guarantee that they will be paid according to the position stated.
  • J-1 and Q-1 Exchange Visitor Visa – they are for persons who are approved for exchange programs. J-1 programs usually cover international visitors, teachers, professors, business trainees, government visitors including consular visits, au pairs, camp counselors, short term scholars, and even students.
  • L-1 Intercompany Transfer Visa – these are for executives, managers and specialized employees who seek to transfer to their U. S. affiliate. L-1 visa holders may be eligible for permanent residency without the need of labor certificates.
  • O-1 Extraordinary Ability Worker Visa – this category is only for very skilled immigrants who are qualified to have extraordinary skills in certain fields. O-1 is for temporary high skilled immigrants, while EB-1 Visa is for permanent skilled workers applying to be a permanent resident.
  • P-1 Visa – are for non-US citizens who may be athletes, artists or entertainers who will be performing in a certain event recognized at an international level.

It helps to seek the legal services of immigration law firms that have vast knowledge and experience in visa applications, waivers, and even adjustment of status, if necessary. The immigration lawyer you must work with should also be updated on immigration policies, immigration reforms, and other immigration news that may affect your card application or immigration needs.

Foreign workers who are allowed to enter the United States must comply with the requirements and original purpose of their stay. They must show reasonable certainty that they will go back to their home country after their stay. While some temporary visas can be used for employment, they must be under strict conditions. Some temporary visas prohibit the person from working at all. The U. S.  employers must obtain foreign labor certification before the non-immigrant workers will be given work visas. Also, they must specifically work only for the employer under a certain job unless they receive other work positions for certain purposes.

Before being granted temporary visas, foreign nationals must undergo immigration processes. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Bureau of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) under the Department of Homeland Security are authorized to grant or deny an individual of their request to enter the United States. You must first pass these screenings before they deem you eligible to be given a non immigrant visa, work visa, or even an immigration visa.

Immigrant Visas

Multinational immigrants who have permanent residences are called “Green Card holders.” Permanent residents enjoy the right to live and work as long as they comply with the laws or commit any offense that would make them eligible for deportation. Foreign nationals applying for permanent business visas are  usually sponsored by their U. S. employers based on the need of the skills the worker may possess before being granted work permits. However, a certain group of business immigrants may petition themselves if they meet the requirements for “extraordinary ability” in a certain field or if their skill set will benefit “national interest”

Are you planning to get a US Visa? You need to speak to an immigration attorney.

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Please note that there is an initial consultation fee of $300. Checking this box means you understand that all consultations are paid and that you still wish to proceed with scheduling a consultation with an immigration attorney.

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