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There are several ways for foreign nationals to enter the United States. Under US Immigration laws, foreigners who intend to go to the U.S. may do so under the following conditions:

  • Green card through marriage or an American citizen having a foreign fiance (fiance visa)
  • Family immigration and reunification from a US citizen
  • Obtaining a student visa
  • Those with refugee status
  • Seeking asylum in the United States
  • Participating in a green card lottery or visa lottery
  • Obtaining a temporary work visa or work permit
  • Obtaining a business visa

Foreign entrepreneurs, high-ranking employees, and investors are given opportunities by the American Immigration System to obtain a visa that allows an alien to work and live in the United States. Green cards are also not out of the window for they will give you the lawful status of being a permanent resident which in turn may make you naturalized and obtain the legal status of United States citizenship.

What are the Different Types of Visas for Business in Florida?

Business ImmigrationIn Florida, the United States Citizen Immigration Services (USCIS) is the institution that grants and issues visas for a foreign national to work in the US. There are, however, different visa applications that a foreigner may apply for, depending on his purpose. There are different USCIS forms and conditions specific to the type of work visas. Some can be allowed to work only in the specific job applied for, while others are allowed to work and start a business.

To make sure that you have the right visa classification for your purpose, having an immigration lawyer to guide you will save time, effort, and money. An attorney specializing in immigration laws will greatly help in your journey to work in the US.

The visas available for businessmen and entrepreneurs in Florida are:

B-1 Visa

  a visitor visa for temporary business visitors or business travel purposes. Having a B-1 visa enables you to conduct business in Florida and other parts of the US. Obtaining this kind of visa usually does not take a long time but to have one provided that you:

  • Demonstrate clear intent to return to your home country
  • Establish that the purpose of visit to the US is for a short-term only
  • Show  valid commercial purpose
  • Prove good moral character
  • Present an affidavit of support stating that you have enough funds for your trip

E-1 Visa –

a temporary visa for treaty traders, a type of nonimmigrant visa that enables foreigners of countries approved by the United States to engage in international trade. Countries like Germany, Switzerland, and Austria are approved E-1 visa countries.

E2 Visa

are for treaty investors, like E-1 visa, it is a nonimmigrant visa and you need to be a citizen of approved countries to get an E-2 visa. An E-2 visa is different because it allows the visa or cardholder to make investments in American-based projects. To obtain this kind of visa, the petitioner will need:

  •         Affidavit, proof of citizenship, or passing the citizenship test of approved countries
  •         Substantial capital of $100,000 or more in a qualified US company or business
  •         The purpose of the visit to the US is to direct the investment

EB-5 Visa –

are for immigrant investors and this type of visa makes the applicant and his immediate family members eligible to be green card holders and gain permanent residency in the US. Having this type of visa is very complex with one requirement having $900,000 – $1.8 million invested in a job supporting project in the United States that is helpful in the national interest.

L1 Visa

are for employees of multinational companies or organizations that seek to transfer locations within their company. To avail of this kind of visa, the employee must have the occupation of at least a specialized worker, manager, or executive and has been employed in the company for at least one year.

Talk with Immigration Lawyers

The immigration process to get a business visa is very arduous and complex. As such, having a reliable immigration law firm working with you will be of great help since making a mistake or committing an unlawful entry into the country is a serious crime and will lead to deportation and other charges. We, at AmLaw Global, are very delighted to assist you in achieving your purpose in coming to the United States. Our competent immigration attorneys in Florida have extensive experience and are well versed with immigration law and immigration rules. We will offer you our immigration legal services with the best professionalism from handling your immigration papers, legal representation, obtaining a reentry permit, getting a green card, and achieving the naturalization process if that is your desire. Call our Florida immigration attorney now for a free legal consultation.

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