Ways to Immigrate to the US

Many immigrate to the United States with the American dream in mind. The Land of the Free allows them to make a life for themselves. If you’re one of these people, you might be wondering how to immigrate and get started on the path to permanent residency and citizenship. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the options for lawful immigration and the things you’ll need to enter. If you have any issues with citizenship and immigration or you need help dealing with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), it’s best to get the help of our experienced Florida immigration attorneys. Call us now for more information!

How to Immigrate to the US

So, how do you get into the USA to take advantage of the Land of Opportunity? There are different ways to go about the immigration process, here are the common options:

Become an Immigrant Investor

If you’re an entrepreneur, you can take advantage of the US investor programs to immigrate and eventually gain permanent resident status. You can take advantage of immigration via investment as long as you:

  • Plan to employ at least ten US employees; and
  • Provide enough equity. 

This process is especially useful for self-sufficient people as they do not need to be sponsored by a US company or a family member living in the US. 

If you’re interested in becoming an investor in the US and want to get started on the immigration process, get in touch with our Florida immigration lawyer to get help.

Employment-based immigration

immigration lawyersIf immigration via investment is not what you want, you can also gain the right to enter legally if you’re employed by a company in the United States. 

The key to landing a contract with a US employer is education! The higher your qualifications are, the more likely you are to find employment in the United States.

Do note that employment-based immigration does not guarantee the right to reside in the US for life. However, it grants you the chance to know the country better and establish yourself in America for a better chance to become a permanent resident and to apply for citizenship. 

If you’re looking to undergo immigration to the United States by employment, contact our Miami law office now to hire the services of a skilled immigration attorney. 

Family-based immigration

There is an option for those who want to reunite with a family member in America. Family members of Green Card holders or US citizens can apply for permanent residence in the US. There are two categories for family-based immigration:

Immediate Relative Category

This category includes the following relatives of US citizens:

  • Parent (at least 21 years of age)
  • Unmarried child under 21 years old
  • Spouse

People eligible under this category can get their permanent resident card without going through the notorious waiting times.

Family Preference Category

If you do not fit under the first category, you may be eligible for immigration under the family preference category. This includes:

  • Brothers and sisters of adult US citizens
  • Married children of US citizens
  • Unmarried adult children of US citizens
  • Unmarried adult sons and daughters of permanent residents
  • Spouses and unmarried minor children of permanent residents

Those under this category have limited Green Cards allotted for them. Additionally, they have to face longer waiting periods than those in the immediate family category. 

If you have any questions about family-based immigration, give our Miami immigration law firm a call! 

Green Card Lottery

With luck, the Green Card Lottery can be the easiest way to get into the United States. 

The official name is the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program or the DV Lottery. This program makes 55,000 visas available for immigrants annually. If you meet the requirements for the Green Card Lottery, you can sign up with the US State Department directly for free.

The application can be complex and the rules even change slightly each year. A significant portion of the applicants does not qualify due to minor errors. To increase your chances at the lottery, it’s best to have an experienced immigration attorney help you along the way. Imagine spending all the time and money on your application only to be disqualified from a slight mistake. 

Our immigration lawyers can help ensure that everything about your application is to maximize your chances. Call us now for immigration help!

Moving into the US

Before Immigrating

Once you already have the legal side of immigration in order, you have to understand the practical side of moving in. Before you leave, we recommend doing the following things to make your life in America much easier:

  • Sharpen your English skills
  • Check the validity of your identification documents or extend their validity
  • Translate important documents into English, better yet, get a digital version of these
  • Conclude your international health insurance for the first months
  • Look for a place to stay for the first few months

After Moving in

Once you’ve moved into the US, take care of the following things as soon as you can:

  • A US cell phone number
  • A US bank account
  • A US driver’s license
  • A Social Security card

Permanent Residence

There are two ways for you to acquire permanent resident status and get a Green Card.

Consular Processing is when you apply for a US green card in a foreign country, through the US embassy or consulate. This is the only option for those living outside the US, however, it is still open for those already in the US who are willing to travel back to their home country.

Adjustment of Status is simply the changing of a person’s nonimmigrant status to immigrant status. If an applicant does not qualify for an adjustment of status, their only option is to undergo consular processing.

Our Miami immigration lawyers have years of experience helping individuals navigate through the Green Card application process. If you want to increase your chances of a successful permanent resident application, call our Florida law firm today! 


Naturalization is the process where a person born outside the US becomes a US citizen. This is the most common way for foreign nationals to acquire citizenship. The most common categories of people eligible to become citizens are:

  • People who qualify for service in the US Armed Forces
  • Those who are permanent residents for 5 years
  • Those who have been permanent residents for 3 years and are married to a US citizen for 3 years.

If you’re a permanent resident looking to start applying for citizenship, give us a call so we can help you become a citizen and live the American dream. 

Final Thoughts

US immigration law is complicated. One mistake puts you back to square one, wasting all the effort, energy, time, and money you’ve spent in the application process. Our experienced immigration attorneys at AmLaw Group can ensure that everything in your application is in order.  

Our attorneys have over 15 years of successful experience with investor visas and other matters of US immigration. We can also guide those who undergo family-based immigration to gain the favorable decision of an immigration judge. 

The law offices of AmLaw Group have over 15 years of extensive experience and success in getting people an EB-5 investor visa and overcoming other complicated United States immigration issues. We also offer guidance for family-based immigration and decrease the chances of getting a denial from an immigration judge.

Get the legal counsel of one of the best lawyers for immigration in Miami. Contact us now at Amlaw Group for immigration advice!

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