Can L-1A Visa Be Transferred to Another Company?

L1-A Visa Application

L1-a visa

Generally, applying for a non-immigrant visa is quicker and more straightforward than applying for a green card. Most companies wishing to bring in alien workers for assignment in the United States are interested in the H-1B immigration process. However, due to a limited number of available visas (visa cap), employers often have to settle with other visa application types. Typical examples would include the L-1A for managers and executives, L-1B for specialized workers, E-1 Treaty Trader visa, E-2 Treaty Investor visa, and E-3 for Australians, among others. This article will focus on the first one

Proceeding with an L-1A visa involves a lot of paperwork and supporting documents. You must submit several forms to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS office. Here, it is best to promptly seek legal advice from a credible Florida immigration attorney who can help you understand relevant US immigration laws, USCIS forms, and required processes.

This article will discuss the following aspects of an L-1A visa application:

An Overview of the L1-A Visa

The L-1A visa, or the L-1A Intracompany Transferee Executive or Manager visa, is a nonimmigrant visa issued by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services to foreign executives or managers transferred to their company’s offices within the country. Multinational companies may also send a manager or executive to establish a new branch, subsidiary, or affiliate of their company in the United States.

Many foreign companies are interested in how an L-1A visa works since it enables individuals of different nationalities to work in a managerial or executive capacity.

To qualify as a specialty occupation under H1-B, you must have a job with a minimum entry requirement of a bachelor’s or higher degree. The employer must generally require a degree or its equivalent for the position, or the degree requirement for the job is common to the industry. One of the most significant L-1 visa benefits is that you do not need a degree to qualify.

Why L-1A Visas are Ideal For Employees

When comparing L-1 visas with other work visa types, there are relatively more specific qualifications. The main requirement in this visa application is for a foreign national to be a manager, executive, or specialized employee in a multinational company. Additionally, depending on your current immigration status, it can give foreigners many benefits that other visa types do not.

The L-1 for foreign workers is generally divided into two subcategories: the L-1A for managers and executives and the L-1B for employees with specialized knowledge. There are different requirements and duration of stay for each.

If you are an employer with an active office in the United States (or aspires to establish one), the L-1 visa may have the benefits you need. This will enable you to send experienced high-level employees to reside and work in the United States, which might just be the necessary step to grow your business. However, like with many other temporary work visas, it has its advantages and disadvantages. To know more about these things, consult with reliable Florida immigration attorneys early on.

Limitations of the L-1A Visa

Generally, executives and managers of a company with a US satellite office can apply for an L-1 Visa to transfer or work in the US. Applicants should have worked at the company’s foreign office for at least one year within the three years before the application. The USCIS fee is between $460 and $960, with an optional Premium Processing fee of $1225.

A foreigner may consider several types of visas, each with different visa requirements and benefits. According to relevant immigration policy, and L-1A is regarded as a non-immigrant visa. Like other non-immigrant visas, these cannot be used for immigrating, obtaining permanent residency, or applying for citizenship in the United States. Additionally, they are valid only for a limited time.

In general, foreign workers on L-1 status are not allowed to apply for a job other than the one they were approved for on their application. This would also mean that they cannot transfer their L-1 visa to a different company. At AmLaw Group, we have reliable Florida immigration lawyers who can help you understand these limitations more clearly.

How a Knowledgeable Florida Immigration Attorney Can Help

Immigration policy is not something you should take lightly. With one wrong move, you may not only have lesser chances of being able to enter the US, immigrate, or eventually get a green card. In some instances, you might be able to pass through a port of entry but eventually, face deportation to your home country. These are worst-case scenarios, but they do happen.

As such, if you have any questions on who is eligible for L-1 visa applications or would like to know more about the US immigration process, contact our Florida immigration law firm today. 

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